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As a competitive amateur bike racer, I was instructed to get regular massage by my coach. I started seeing Cindy in the fall of 2010 and the combination of coaching, training, and regular massage by Cindy led me to have my best racing season ever in 2011: winning (3) Arizona State Championship events for my age, as well as (2) other events, the best all-around rider for my age in the state of Arizona, and 40th place in the Masters National Championships. I will continue to see Cindy for recovery throughout my training and racing.

James Kramer

Cindy is that good! If you have ever had bodywork done and afterwards found yourself saying, “Wow, that person is good” then you know what to expect from Cindy. As a Chiropractor, I have sent her many clients with confidence, knowing they will receive excellent care. Personally, I rely on Cindy to help me maintain body balance and relief from injuries or pain associated with sports activities. I highly recommend Cindy!

Dr. Todd Meyers

In 2000 at the age of 43, I was diagnosed with “bone on bone” osteoarthritis in my right hip. My doctor said that the only solution was to have my hip joint replaced. Then, I met Cindy from Bodywork for Life. During the past 11 years, I have learned a great deal about joints, muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments from Cindy and her team. I started with massage therapy and have added microcurrent, Pilates, and Egoscue exercises to my daily routine. As a result, I still have the same hip joint but have regained significant mobility, improved my gait, and have considerably reduced the amount of pain I experience each day. My goal is to continue to make improvements each week so that a hip replacement may not be necessary. Bodywork for Life is helping me achieve this goal.

Caryn Blanc

I purchased my very own Custom Care microcurrent unit from (Cindy) Bodywork for Life after suffering from Achilles Tendonitis for years. No more pain! I have since then used the machine for many reasons, including the Scar treatment after neck surgery and for my husband’s occasional bouts with Gout.

I am a 54 yr old breast cancer survivor and Cindy added the Hair Loss, Chemo Nausea and Radiation Removal protocols to my microcurrent unit to help me through that difficult time.

I take my machine with me on family vacations – and have done treatments on my 82 yr old mother, who has suffered from arthritis in her knee and on several of my sisters. From a broken ankle to nerve pain in the hip to a hysterectomy, my sisters have all remarked on how the treatments have helped them heal faster and feel better. In fact, one of my sisters just bought her own microcurrent machine for herself and her family. It’s a worth-while investment. Of course, if I lived in AZ I would get treatments directly from Cindy!

Sheila Bellingar

I have been getting bodywork from Cindy for about 8 years. I worked at a day care center where I was picking up babies and toddlers all day, reaching up on shelves, under tables, squatting down and bending over. The toll it had on my body was unbelievable pain!

When massage was recommended, I wasn’t sure what good THAT would do. Isn’t massage just a touchy feely relaxing thing? WRONG! Cindy has extensive training on all types of massage techniques. She was able to look at my body and see areas that needed treatment. Her expertise is knowing by touch how to eliminate the knots!

Because Cindy is always researching, when she trained on the microcurrent machine, it just added another important tool to her pain management techniques. The results of that treatment in coordination with massage is amazing. I would be on heavy duty pain pills if I had not found Cindy!

After massage had loosened up my muscles, and I could lift my arms over my head, Cindy suggested I take Pilates. She encouraged me, telling me it would strengthen my core and help my posture. So I did. Just learning how to breathe and stretch was amazing. Tami, the Egoscue and Pilates teacher is incredible. She has extensive training in this specialized method and her knowledge of muscles and how to exercise each one has to be the best in the valley! She sees the tiniest adjustment that makes a tremendous difference. I have also worked with her Pilates teacher, Laury. She has taught Pilates for several years and really knows what works! Her working method put me at ease immediately, and I could feel the results.

It’s hard to believe that tucked away in Cave Creek is the BEST team for pain relief and a true sense of well-being at Bodywork for Life.

Susie Kimsey

I'd like to take the time to write about Bodywork for Life. I discovered them quite by accident but am so happy that I did. I had a problem with my right shoulder and did not find help or relief from my regular physician. I contacted Bodywork for Life and made an appointment for the very same day. Within a few minutes of examining me and a few questions later Cindy diagnosed me with "frozen shoulder". She started me on a treatment course that very day. After my first visit I was able to move my shoulder...something I'd been unable to do for several weeks. It took several treatments to get the "frozen shoulder" completely healed, but without Cindy and her program at Bodywork for Life, well, I just can't imagine what I would have done. I still see her on an as need basis and cannot say enough for all of the help and relief from pain that she and her program have given me.

Karen Reese

Last year I had so much pain in my left hip that I could not play golf - climb a few stairs or even go for a walk. Limping was my style of walking. With Cindy's massages and Tami teaching me how to use my muscles correctly, I can now enjoy activity again. In fact I plan on hiking in and out of the Grand Canyon next May because with Cindy massages I know she will help me reach this goal. Thanks!

Linda Dabbs

I’ve been a massage/microcurrent client of Cindy’s for years and I’ve also worked extensively with Tami in Pilates/Egoscue. They are both highly skilled and knowledgeable, and I appreciate how they tailor the sessions to my particular needs and goals. Friendly, too! I highly recommend Bodywork for Life.

John G

When I first went to see Cindy at Bodywork for Life, I was skeptical that she could do much if anything to help me. Thankfully, I was wrong and Cindy is the closest to a miracle worker I have ever experienced. Because of her, my back is greatly improved, and she was even able to help a broken foot heal quickly with her microcurrent treatments. Tami is so much better at Pilates than any other person I have been to and has helped me also. What a great team you have. Thanks for improving my health concerns!

Charlotte Pyles

Bodywork for Life is the first (and last) place I call when I have a musculoskeletal issue, and it is the first place I recommend to family and friends who are struggling with musculoskeletal pain. I am always impressed with Cindy’s deep knowledge of musculoskeletal issues, and thankful for her skill in getting me out of whatever pain I have -- be it from sitting at a computer designing with a hunched shoulder for too many hours, or from hiking the Grand Canyon. She is the best massage therapist I have experienced, and has my highest recommendation.

Andrea Dickey Genette

I have been a client of CIndy Bates for at least 10 years and I think her abilities as a massage therapist are amazing. Basically she enables me to continue playing tennis, hiking and playing golf. I am very happy and privileged to have her in my life.

Jane Rosenblum

I have been a client of Bodywork for Life for over three years. I feel this more than qualifies me to say that Cindy Bates is a very gifted
and caring massage therapist.

Cindy's practice is all about healing and wellness. She asks questions and
listens well. This practice enables me to be an active participant in my own healing

I carry my daily stresses in my neck and shoulder area. I leave Cindy's
office freed up from pain and with a deep feeling of well-being.
This is Cindy's commitment to all her clients.


Cindy has been my therapist for nearly 10 healthy years. She is not your typical masseuse. Using hot rocks, pressure point & deep tissue therapy, has been life saving for me. She constantly strives for excellence in her field by continually furthering her education. Anyone who is serious about feeling healthier, needs to let Cindy put her magic to work on you. Thanks Cindy.


Cindy Bates is an accomplished professional, dedicated to using bodywork to eliminate pain and heal. Her skill as a massage therapist combines with her deep knowledge of the use of microcurrent to produce dramatic outcomes. I personally benefit from her work and enthusiastically recommend her. Microcurrent is a miraculous modality. This technology assists and amplifies the effects of massage, releasing muscles, reducing inflammation and restoring movement. It eliminates pain.

Andrea Chilcote

As you know, I have had a spinal fusion, four knee replacements, and surgery to straighten my toes. Somehow I have also damaged a rotator cuff.

The application of Microcurrent and Massage Therapy has released adhesions present in each of these areas. The results were very noticeable after one treatment. I have increased range of motion in my shoulder, and both shoulders are more relaxed and down from my ears. My back, hips and knees are more flexible. An added bonus is my improved balance.

I look forward to having you work on me further and thank you for your skill, your dedication to your work and your sincere care for your clients.

Jacquie Goodspeed

Trina Becksted for Holistic Healing News

It was a relief to learn there was hope for my arm tingling from whiplash, 30+ years ago when I visited Cindy Bates of Bodywork for Life. My years of physical therapy , chiropractic and a myriad of other treatments I tried seemed to be temporary relief. The microcurrent had the ability to break up the scar tissue on my 4th and 5th cervicals that caused the pinch nerves and my pain. For those of you in pain, suffering with fibromyalgia, migraine headaches and even emotional issues, don’t despair there is hope. Find a therapist who specializes in Microcurrent and discover a path to healing.

The History of Microcurrent
Electromagnetic therapies were used by 50% of physicians in 1910. These therapies were nearly driven out of existence in the 1930’s by competitive influences that favored emerging pharmaceutical and technological advances. In 1995, Dr. Carolyn McMakin began using microcurrent in her practice. Impressed by the results achieved, she began clinical research and educating other healthcare professionals in FSM training seminars worldwide.

It is now widely use by healthcare practitioners who realize the benefits of a more natural healing modality that, in some cases, is actually more effective. It has become extremely popular with professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, as well as Tour de France cyclists and marathoners. It is even being used to treat race horses.

How and Why Microcurrent Works
All matter is made of atoms. Negatively charged atomic particles called electrons vibrate and spin in orbits around the nucleus of atoms and, in doing so, produce electromagnetic energy. Because water is a conductor of electromagnetic energy and because the human body is approximately 70% water, people are susceptible to electromagnetic field changes. Each tissue and organ in the body has its own unique frequency, as do specific conditions and pathologies. Healthy tissues conduct a bioelectric current throughout the body that is altered in the presence of injury or disease. The abnormal vibration is not only determined by which tissue is afflicted (muscle, fascia, tendon, bone, etc.), but also by the type of condition (inflammation, injury, infection, stress, toxicity, etc.). Frequency Specific Microcurrent matches the frequencies of the tissue involved and the condition in order to neutralize the frequencies that are incorrect, and restore normal frequencies within the cells.

Some people may experience a dramatic change immediately after treatment, or in some cases, up to 24 hours later. The results and the duration of benefits vary from person to person and are longer lasting with each subsequent treatment. Though early intervention generally enhances favorable outcomes with FSM, good outcomes have also been observed when using FSM for longstanding symptoms, even when other treatments have failed. For acute injuries or surgeries, optimum results are achieved when treatment is done within a 4 hour window.

What You Can Expect During a Treatment
Microcurrent frequencies are delivered through electrode pads and moist towels placed on the area to be treated. The therapist may also use thin, graphite gloves allowing a hands-on approach to feel the response of the tissues and to target more specific areas. Massage and bodywork techniques may be applied at the same time as microcurrent. The use of microcurrent during a bodywork session greatly enhances the outcome by helping to release adhesions, soften tight muscles, release trigger points, reduce inflammation, treat joint pain, and the removal of cellular waste.

There is no discomfort during the treatment. The amount of current used in FSM is approximately the same level as what the cells in our body normally produce. Therefore, the sensory nerves are not stimulated so you do not feel a thing. Microcurrent delivers current in millionths of amperes (the same as human cells), allowing frequencies to resonate with the body’s energy. Other traditional electrotherapy devices, such as a TENS unit, deliver current at a much higher output and can cause muscle contraction.

FSM is FDA approved and safe for most anyone. It is not recommended for people with pacemakers or who are pregnant.

Appointment Instructions
For optimum results you must be very well hydrated. We recommend that you drink 1-2 quarts (32-64 oz.) of water within 1-2 hours prior to your treatment. Please avoid applying any lotions, creams, oils, or perfumes before your appointment. Drinking water after your treatment is recommended to help flush out toxins that are being released from cells due to normal function being restored.

Proven Benefits of Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Improves oxygenation and cellular repair
Reduces inflammatory chemicals in tissues
Increases feel-good endorphin levels
Increases cell energy (ATP) levels by up to 500%
Boosts protein synthesis by 70%, accelerating tissue repair
Restores depleted adrenal function
Repairs the regulation of nervous tissue
Boosts immune function
Accelerates healing of acute injuries up to 200%

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