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Corrective Exercises

Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercises

Pre and Post Surgery/Injury and Injury prevention and to
Enhance Athletic Performance

The Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercises are a safe and effective therapeutic movement program designed to permanently relieve pain by educating you on proper body mechanics and instructing you with exercises to achieve correct posture and alignment.
You will be provided with the tools necessary to continue this program on your own.

One of the many things that sets this functional movement program apart from other exercise and physical therapy programs is that the whole body is addressed and not just the area of pain.  It is possible that the cause of a symptom is a structural/mechanical problem elsewhere in the body.  If the symptom is treated without considering structural imbalances and what led to the problem, there may be some pain relief, but oftentimes the symptom will return.  The body’s structural/mechanical dysfunction will not allow it to heal completely.  Even when the body has been surgically altered, structural deviations need to be corrected in order for the rest of the body to function as efficiently as possible.  For example, if someone has had a joint replacement or fused vertebrae, the rest of the body is not relieved of its responsibility.  Proper function in now needed more than ever.

The structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system relies on proper vertical and horizontal alignment.  When this is compromised, the body compensates, creating more imbalances and dysfunctions and eventually pain.  You may have noticed in yourself or someone else, that one hip is higher than the other or one shoulder is rotated forward, as an example.  Muscles become over-used when recruited for a task better suited for another group of muscles, and others are underutilized.  This directly effects joint mechanics and results in wear and tear of tendons, ligaments and connective tissue setting them up for injury.

The exercises are designed to address these mechanical deviations and muscular imbalances.  Your Postural Alignment Specialist will assess your structure by observing standing posture and movement.  You will then be instructed in a series of personalized exercises and expected to continue them on your own.  This encourages responsibility and instills confidence while you experience the positive changes in your physical and emotional well-being.  Exercises are tailored specifically for you and modified as the body changes.

This unique method of functional movement is excellent for anyone, regardless of fitness level or physical limitations.  In fact, this is exactly what will help you overcome any limitations.